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Application Software to Wipe Data from Storage Device

Do you know what happen when you delete file from computer machine? You are not able to give exact answer, then nothing to worry. Everyone should know fact beyond deletion process; it is because when you do deletion from computer hard drive in order to handed device to someone else. Here data images are still there from where it is achievable to revive data successfully.  When you handed device to other then the person to whom you have handed the device can revive confidential information by making the use of effective recovery tool. Are you astonished to know the reality behind deletion process? It is because you are the person who is going to handed Windows machine to a person? Either you have formatted, reformatted, or deleted the whole data from hard drive then it is possible to recover every bit of data by the third person.

Assume a life situation to know how your data might be stolen for misuse. Suppose you have laptop, that is old model and you are thinking to upgrade it. Before buying a new laptop, you are looking forward to sell old laptop because you do not want any more. Before handed laptop to other person, you have formatted computer system so that no one can access your confidential data. I want to tell you when you do so before selling computer machine to other then it may cost you a lot. It is because you don’t know nature about person to whom you are selling your laptop. If the person has evil nature then he can access confidential data by making the use of recovery tool.  The person can access your confidential files, account details and other information data and do misuse further. So what you will do in such a situation before selling Windows computer to an individual? Here you need to opt a shredder tool through which you can successfully erase data from hard drive completely beyond recovery.

Before handed device to other, you can make use of Free Hard Drive Wipe tool. This tool has simple graphical user interface and easy workable for both expert and newbie. This tool comes with nine different sanitation methods to wipe sensitive data completely from Windows hard drive. There is no need to worrying about Windows operating system. It is because this shredder tool supports all the existing versions of Windows including Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 7, etc. You can choose sanitation standard suit to your need such as high, medium or low security levels. You can select one among the sanitation named Peter Gutmann Secure Deletion for high security level, Fast Zero Write for low security level and US Navy NAVSO P-5239-26-RLL for medium security level. If you have external drive that you are looking to sold it out, then you can make use of this tool on external hard drive too. It supports various available external drives available in the market such as Western Digital, Seagate etc.

Thus by considering all some popular features of the tool, we can state that this tool is skilled enough to wipe data completely from storage media beyond recovery. If you are an individual, who are going to trade your storage device or personal computer machine then you can make use of this Windows hard drive wipe tool and prevent misuse of your vital data further.

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