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Application to Recover Deleted, Lost or Missing Files from External Hard Drive

“I have a 1TB hard drive which is corrupt and not showing up any files that are saved on it. I desperately need the files that are on it as I don’t carry a backup for the files as well. Is it possible to get these lost files back once again?”

Definitely possible, but only with the use of a recovery application which has the ability to scan and recover back all your files. Here’s a tutorial regarding what recovery software needs to be used and how you need to go about doing the same:

The above used software is certified to recover almost all your files in just a matter of minutes regardless of what caused the file loss on your drive.

One might use his/her external hard drive for various requirements but at the same time the user might have all his data saved on it. Given the fact that an external hard drive offers huge storage space, there can be countless number of files saved on it. This however may or may not have a backup copy created by the user. However, with a backup copy the user is always guaranteed of not losing his data whereas without a backup, the chances of losing files are quite high. This can however be counteracted by having a recovery application that can scan and get you back your lost files. To make this happen, you need to stop using the drive soon after the data loss occurred on it. The lost, missing or deleted data is not permanently removed from your drive but is rather still present on it until it’s overwritten by new data. When this data is overwritten, then all remote chances of recovering it back are quite slim. So to prevent this from happening, the drive has to be put away and a recovery software like the one shown above can be employed to recover the data back.

Causes for Data Loss from External Hard Drives:

  • Unorthodox usage of the drive such as abrupt removal from the system, physical damage and so on.
  • Interrupting a file transfer from or to the drive.
  • Unintentional format or deletion of files from the drive.

Features of this Recovery Software:

  • Lets you recover files of all types from external hard drives of all brands and storage sizes.
  • Lets you have a preview of the recovered files before you can even save the same to a target folder.
  • The recovered files can be saved to any preferred folder of your choice and the software makes sure that the recovered files are not saved to the same folder from which it was recovered from, to avoid data overwrite.

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