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Best Software to Defrag Hard Drive

Fragmentation is the state where the data stored on the drive in an unsystematic and disorganized way. As there is no contiguous space on the drive, hard drive enables to store complete data in a sequential order. Due to this disk takes more time to read the fragmented data back from the hard disk. For example, you uninstall the program from your system, it is removed along with the associated files by leaving the gaps on the drive. When you install the new program which takes up more space then the deleted one then the Windows will store it randomly by splitting into multiple pieces on your drive. Hence the drive gets fragmented more, generally fragmentation will not cause problems but too much of file fragments will take more time to read the document that causes the system performance degradation. Then your system slows down as it searches for many places to open a specific file.

Causes for fragmentation

Disk fragmentation occurs due to file extension. Additional changes made to the stored files already may not be stored on the same sequence in the hard disk in the absence of enough space. In such instance, the system creates an extension of file and stores somewhere else. Fragmentation also causes while moving data. Sometimes when the data is moved to the new location and if there is no enough space to store all data then the data will be stored in pieces on the hard disk.

How to solve this problem

When the files are fragmented by the above mentioned scenario then you be thinking of how to defrag hard disk safely. Don’t worry this problem can be solved by defragmenting the hard disk by using hard disk utility like disk defrag put the file fragments together to create the contiguous files. As this contiguous file is read more efficiently by the hard drive, it leads to faster access. Some defragmentation programs can also optimize hard disk that places similar files in similar locations.

Why defragmentation of the hard drive is needed

When your hard drive is constantly used for storing data, deletion of data, uninstallation of the programs, etc then it leaves the small chunks of free space behind. Due to this there is no space for new space in their entirety and your system is compelled to store data in small chunks of available free space. You can defrag the hard drive after format when the file get scattered and the size of the drive seems to reduce. By defragmentation the contents of the drive will be rearranged within a short period of time.

Tips to overcome this issue

Don’t leave the files to grow automatically if many files share the same disk partition. When the files are used heavily then locate then on different file group or on different partition. Always defragment the hard disk regularly. Have at least 15% free space available on the hard drive to completely defrag your hard drive.

Features of this disk defragmenter

By using this disk defragmenter you get two options to run it, deep defragmentation and quick defragmentation. This tool increases the lifespan of your hard drive by reducing the work load for its read/write head. It increases the chance of recovering any deleted file. You can perform defragmentation process for external hard drive effectively by using this software. Navigate this link, www.defragdisk.com/external-hard-drive.html to get the detailed information of how to defrag external hard.

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