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Quick recovery tool that will retrieve all the deleted, corrupted and lost files from your system. It can be the most vital data or the documents, pictures, videos, audio files this software will easily fetch them back in an accurate manner. Sometimes the Files that are deleted or erased while formatting the disk, can be Continue Reading

Lost File Recovery Software: Restore Lost Data from Hard Drive

Hard drive is a storage device used to store files and folder in an organized way. There are several brands available in market that manufactures hard drive such as Western digital, Toshiba, SanDisk, Transcend, Samsung, Buffalo, etc. Sometimes due to file system corruption, bad sectors, reformatted partition, etc files lost hard drives. In such situation, Continue Reading

Know How to Recover Files from Memory Card

Data storage has changed a lot these days, few years ago magnetic tapes were utilized to store large files and floppy disks for small file storage. Though the process was simple yet chances of losing files were at high risk. However when you compare data storage with present storage devices such as external hard drives, Continue Reading

Data Recovery Tool to Restore Windows 8 Files

Windows 8 operating system was released by Microsoft Corporation in the year 2012. It is an updated version of Windows 7 and is based on the metro designed language. The basic version of Windows 8 OS is suitable for many users and it efficiently works on traditional keyboard and mouse computers as well as on Continue Reading

Simplest Way to Recover data from Formatted Pen Drive

Pen drive is storage device which is used for storing large amount of data such as audio files, video clip, images, PDF file, documents and many more. It is a portable device which contains high storage capacity. This storage device is of small size and highly reliable in nature. But sometimes when you connect your Continue Reading

Data recovery from Windows 8

“I am using Microsoft Windows 8 operating system from few months, as Windows 8 is the latest version it has filled with lot of new features. As there are new features, I do not understand the working procedures of these options. While deleting few unimportant files, I accidentally pressed “delete” option, so now I am Continue Reading

Application to Recover Deleted, Lost or Missing Files from External Hard Drive

“I have a 1TB hard drive which is corrupt and not showing up any files that are saved on it. I desperately need the files that are on it as I don’t carry a backup for the files as well. Is it possible to get these lost files back once again?” Definitely possible, but only Continue Reading

Effective Way to Get Back Data from Repartitioned NTFS Drive

Have you even faced a disaster in that you’ve lost one of several existing NTFS partition? If your response is ‘YES’ then this short article will definitely help you lot in any linked to NTFS partition issues. In such a situation in case you don’t have proper backup of files then there is only a Continue Reading

Recover data

We store immense quantity of vital data in to our computer hard drive, and access the same when it is needed. It takes significant time to gather this vital data from various sources and additionally the work done to gather this data matters more. If by mistake or without mistake you lose this vital data, Continue Reading