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Deleted File Recovery from Western Digital External Hard Disk

“Hello Everyone!! Last night I deleted important files from Western Digital external hard disk . Later I came to know that I deleted some confidential documents from external hard drive by mistake instead of deleting other unimportant files. I have not maintained any backup of those deleted files. And I need to recover deleted files from Western Digital external hard drive. Can anyone suggest me how can I restore deleted files from Western Digital hard drive? Thanks in Advanced..!”

The above described situation is q very common issue that is faced by many of the external HDD users across the world. Therefore, you can find some of the questions that are seen on websites like ” Is it possible to get back deleted WD files” Or “Is there any way to undo delete files on WD external HDD? Well, don’t worry this post gives you an ultimate answer on how to restore deleted files from Western Digital external hard disk using the most proficient WD recovery tool by following few simple steps.

Western Digital Corporation is one of the leading manufacturers of hard drive in the world. This storage device is compatible on both Windows and Macintosh Operating System. It has many advantages such as portablility, high storage capacity, etc. Though it helps you out to save your vital data, but it does not mean that all the stored data is safe for your lifetime. There are various factors due to which you might end up with deletion of files from Western Digital external hard drive. But, in any of the case you can achieve deleted file restoration of Western Digital hard drive using our Recover WD software. Some of the common scenarios which cause the deletion of files from Western Digital Hard Disk Drive are as follows:

  • Accidental Formatting – If you accidentally format the WD external hard drive, the files present inside the external hard drive gets deleted and makes you lose all your vital files.
  • External Threats – If your WD external hard drive is infected from deadly viruses, then it deletes some important files stored on it without giving any notification.
  • Other Scenarios – Some of the other scenarios which also cause the deletion of files from WD external hard disk drive are such as transfer error, third party software, improper ejection, command prompt deletion, sudden power loss, improper shutdown, etc.

If you are the one who is facing similar kind of issues with your WD external hard drive and end up with deletion of files then here is the solution. Just utilize this WD drive recovery tool to solve all your file deletion issues from WD external hard drive.

WD Drive recovery software is simple, Graphical-friendly and can be used by both technical and non technical people to recover deleted files from Western Digital HDD. This tool scans Western Digital HDD using unique search algorithm techniques for recovering lost or deleted files. It has the ability to restore file types such as picture, audio, video, documents and other important file types in an efficient manner. You can use this drive retrieval program to retrieve data from formatted partitions, even after re-installing Windows OS.

This tool is used for restoration of files from lost / missing, deleted and formatted partitioned drives. You can get back erased files from Western Digital hard disk drive and can be sorted on the basis of name, date, size and file type. It is possible to rescue files from Recycle Bin, or files deleted by using shifts + delete, command prompt, etc with the help of this WD drive recovery tool. This app also recovers files from various models of WD external hard drive such as WD Scorpio, My Book World, Passport, etc. WD recovery utility provides “Preview” option to view the recovered files and folders before you actually recover it. You can use this program to create Disk Image files to bypass bad sectors and later recovers data from these disk image files. It is used to save disk space by creating compressed zip archives of the restored files and folders.

WD drive recovery software is 100% malware/spyware free, we use antivirus software to scan our files before bundling into a complete package. This wizard is used for recovering deleted files from Western Digital HDD and lets you to view files using the “File Type View” Option and folders in a hierarchical view using the “Data View” option.

System Requirements –

Windows Operating System – Microsoft Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003 and Windows 2008

Macintosh Operating System – Mac OS X 10.5.x and above (including Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion, Mavericks and Yosemite)

RAM – 1GB recommended

Free Disk Space – 50MB for installation

Operating System Type – 32 bit and 64 bit OS

Safety Procedure –

  • It is necessary to keep backup of important files in any accessible drive.
  • Use trustworthy application to recover deleted files from Western Digital hard drive.
  • Use an efficient antivirus tool to protect your system from harmful viruses.

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