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How to recover deleted data from western digital hard drive?

Western digital hard drive is one of the widely used hard drives across the globe. It supports storage of large amount of data. It is similar to other available hard drives, which are vulnerable to data loss due to various reasons, like accidental deletion of data. When you press shift + delete keys then you cannot  rescue those shift deleted files. Since there are no such system tools that will help you in this case. Don’t worry!!! In this modern era, you can get solutions of everything, so with the help of recovery tools you can restore your deleted data from Western digital hard disk. These tools are specifically designed for recovery of data that may have deleted or lost. Western Digital Recovery Tool is capable enough to bring back your vital data, which may have shift deleted accidentally.

Common reasons of data loss:

  • Accidental deletion: In certain situation when you find several unwanted files on your Western hard drive, then you may have deleted those files together with some useful data accidentally.


  • Third party utilities: Third party utilities or untrusted software sometimes cause data deletion. When your system has infected with any nasty virus program then this particular virus may decrease your system performance. So you need to scan your computer. If the antivirus program has enabled the option that “delete virus infected files” then data has got deleted and it leads to loss of important data.
  • Improper shutting down of the system: If your system shuts down while some important program is running, then due to sudden shut down of computer your data may be lost. For example when you’re copying some files from PC to pen drive during this process if system turns off then your data may be lost. If you want Western digital recovery then make use of the application that is mentioned earlier.


  • Formatting error: If your hard drive has reached its size limit and you are not able to store data any more then you can format your Western hard drive for emptying disk space. During this process, if any interruption occurred then there might have chance of data loss.

Features of the software:

  • Scans the complete Western Digital hard drive and restores data from it in few minutes
  •  Free demo edition is provided  to estimate the effectiveness of Western Digital hard drive recovery
  • Compatible with both windows and Mac operating systems. Supports windows XP, vista, 7 and different version of Mac OS X for example  Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion , Mountain Lion   etc.
  • Files can be sorted on the basis of name, date and size and searched on the basis of preserves file names.
  • After Western digital disk recovery you can preview data before you save it.

Western Digital recovery tool is an excellent application in order to recover deleted or lost files from Western digital hard drive. This tool is not only working for western digital hard drive but also you can restore data from other available hard drive like Seagate and Maxtor. Windows as well as Mac based system support this application to revive lost files from Western hard drive.

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