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How to Repair QuickTime Video Files?

QuickTime video file is used to play in the QuickTime player developed by the Apple Inc. QuickTime (QT) player supports lossless MP4 codec like H.264. The best feature available in QT player is that it contains subtitles which give an extra advantage over other media players. Though Apple Inc. has developed this software for its own platform it is also available in Windows.

Damaged or corrupt QuickTime file reasons:

Let’s say you are watching your favorite movie and then suddenly you have to go for some activity. Later on when you come back and see that your system is shut down and when you try to play your movie its quality is somehow damaged. Well, there could be many scenarios why this is happening.  Some of the symptoms why your favorite movie file is corrupt could relate to your situation:

  • Power failure: System is shutdown directly without your knowledge. This could happen if the SMPS is damaged, power surge, no secondary power supply like ups etc.
  • Software malfunction in operating system: Instability in the system is occurred due to many reasons. Registry errors, fault in the main system files etc. If this type of problem persists then it could corrupt many important data files including your QuickTime movie files.
  • Virus/malware/spyware attacks: Risks like spywares, malware, and other harmful activities which are running at the background of your system may infect your QT video files. If this happens then there is possibility that the audio and video are out of sync, or maybe the whole file is corrupt.
  • Firmware error in device: One of the major hazard could be problem in the firmware of the storage device of I pod, DSLR etc. Very often it happens due to bad handling of device, manufacturing defects for device etc. This could corrupt the QuickTime file during recording of the videos.
  • Other reasons: Some of the other reasons include tampering of the QT file with a 3rd party application, improper downloading etc.

How to repair QuickTime files with the help of an efficient tool like Repair QuickTime software?

Repairing QuickTime video file is a hectic process. But with the help of software like repair QuickTime all your damage and corrupt file could be easily fixed. This marvelous application is created by great technician who has used advanced algorithms to make it suitable for the use of customers. The feature of this application is truly remarkable. The repair QuickTime tool gives an outstanding performance with a few click of the mouse. This superlative software has the following characteristics:

  • Compatibility of different OS: The repair QuickTime software is a great utility which supports Microsoft Windows of all versions and MAC operating systems.
  • Preview option available: The repair QuickTime productivity tool could repair your QT files and the great feature is that it will allow you to preview all files. This option is only available in the demo versions. But once you buy the software you will be able to restore it along with the preview.
  • Repairing the QT file where audio/video is out of sync: Sometimes watching your favorite movies could be painful to watch because the audio is playing ahead of the video or vice versa. This is happening because of the lack of synchronization between file. The repair QuickTime software can fix those audio files which are out of sync with video files or vice versa.

Precautions to keep your QuickTime file healthy:

  • To keep your QuickTime file in original state always open with an appropriate software like Quick Time Player.
  • Never try to modify your QT video file with unknown software as this could result in severe damage of your file and become hard to repair.
  • Always keep a source of secondary power so that when power goes off you might get enough time to properly shutdown your system.


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