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Data recovery from Windows 8

I am using Microsoft Windows 8 operating system from few months, as Windows 8 is the latest version it has filled with lot of new features. As there are new features, I do not understand the working procedures of these options. While deleting few unimportant files, I accidentally pressed “delete” option, so now I am not finding any files on my Windows 8 computer system. Can anyone help me in recovering lost data from Windows 8?

If you have lost any data from Windows 8, then no need to get panic, because now it’s very easily to perform data recovery from windows by making use of laptop data recovery tool.  This tool will scan the entire drive from where you have lost the data and recover those data within few minutes. This tool will recover different type of files such as Photos, video clips, text documents etc. from Windows 8.

Reasons for data lost from Windows 8

  • Recycle Bin bypass: Due to excessive deleted files in Recycle Bin, this might exceed the storage capacity of Recycle Bin and you may lose the data. Thus you can’t restore the files which are lost from Recycle Bin. But using laptop data recovery tool you will get back those data through Recycle Bin bypass
  • Unintentional deletion: As Windows 8 is the latest version of operating system, because of this few people don’t have knowledge of those working procedures this may cause unintentional deletion of
  • Virus attack: As Windows 8 is a new version of operating system much antivirus software aren’t compactable with this operating system. Due to this cause, virus attack can occur very easily. But formatting the virus infected files might lead to loss of data.

Special highlights of laptop data recovery application

Suppose when you’re unable to access stored image files or text document because of corrupted hard drive, laptop data recovery tool will let you in recovering those lost or deleted files. This tool is effective at recovering different media files like images, music, video files etc. It is compatible with the different versions of Windows like Windows XP, Windows Service Pack 3, Microsoft windows Vista, Windows 7 along with the most recent Windows 8. You’ll be able to scan entire drive in couple of minutes to recover deleted / lost data / mass media files or folders with your Windows 8 OS.

This utility will take advantage of powerful and efficient algorithms to complete recovery task. This software provides save recovery option, to help you avoid rescanning of technique. This program also generates a disk image in order to bypass Bad Sectors which may be used later to recovery files and folder. Laptop data recovery tool supports to extract data on systems along with different file systems such as FAT 16, FAT 32, NTFS5, HFS+, etc… in few simple steps. You can recover data from damaged laptop hard drive by using laptop data recovery program, to find out more details click this URL: http://www.laptop-datarecovery.com/how-to-retrieve-from-damaged-hard-drive.html

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