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Restore Deleted or Lost Files from USB Memory Stick

I have a Kingston USB memory stick which has 16 GB storage capacity. It’s been with me for since two years. I use it in a daily basis to access and save my school works like high resolution photos, digital arts, and videos without any difficulty. Today morning, I try to connect my memory stick with my laptop via USB port for moving some images from the memory stick to my laptop. At that time some errors had shown that “You should format the disk, do you want to format it?” In such a situation, I don’t know that what should I do and later I have formatted USB memory stick by mistake  which result in entire files are get lost from it. If anyone of you has suitable solution to perform USB memory stick recovery? If so please assist me soon. Thanks..!!

Don’t worry, nowadays data recovery from USB memory sticks are quite simple with the help of third party recovery tool which helps you to rescue deleted or lost files from various secondary storage device like internal or external USB disk drives, pen drive, memory cards easily. But before performing recovery you should confirm that your memory device does not overwritten by storing new files. If your memory device is overwritten with new files means it reduce the success rate of recovery tool. Here, we introduce one of the most reliable recovery tool named USB Memory Stick Recovery software which can recover USB memory stick files within a simple few mouse clicks. It uses its outstanding search engine mechanism helps you to recover files in a short time effectively.

How Files Get Deleted or Lost from Memory Stick?

File Deletion by Mistake: In order to achieve memory free space, you may delete some unwanted files by selecting those files. While selecting, you may choose some important files with those unwanted files and delete them using permanent delete option key Shift +Delete combination.

Obstruction during File Transfer: Sometimes, you may relocate important files from memory stick to your desktop or laptop. At that time, some interruption may happen like improper removal of memory stick, unexpected power failure and system shutdown as a result in severe file loss on memory stick.

Virus Infection: Virus or malicious program is the harmful program which get enter into your memory stick and starts some malfunctioning by replicate itself and spread into files and makes them unreachable.

 Antivirus Usage While scanning your memory stick files by using some efficient antivirus application which may erase virus infected files of that memory stick which are very precious for you.

Formatting Storage Devices: If you format your memory stick, it can result in the loss of entire files stored on that device including your valuable files.

Other Reasons: Files on memory stick may get damaged due to various reasons such as file system damage, inappropriate usage, Bad sectors, and file overloading which result inaccessible data.

Why USB Memory Stick Recovery Software Recommended?

  • It enables all the major version of Windows operating systems which includes Windows 8 and Windows Vista effectively. Even supports well known Mac OS versions such as Yosemite and Mavericks.
  • By using this powerful tool, you can get back hundreds of files such as photos, audios, videos, documents, etc. which may have any file extension.
  • Recover files from all the popular memory stick brands named Transcend, HP, Samsung, SanDisk and Sony.
  • You can preview retrieved files for valuation purposes and you can save restored files in any secondary storage devices which are accessible to the host computer.

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