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Safest Tool to Wipe Hard Drive

Every computer user across the world make use of computer hard drive for storing their confidential data, if that private data falls in the wrong hand then no doubt one can get screwed up. So before you getting into trouble, wipe out your confidential data from the hard drive of your computer. Do you want to wipe your confidential data from your computer hard drive? If yes, then make use of this free drive wipe tool for performing above said task. This tool easily removes all your confidential data from computer and makes yourself secure from all threats.

You may think deleting your confidential files using “Shift + Delete” can everlastingly erases the files from hard disk. No, of course not, whenever you delete any file or folder using “Shift + Delete” key combination then at that time, only the address pointer of that file gets deleted, but file still resides on same location in hard drive until and unless fresh file overwrites onto it. Therefore, one can easily recover your files and can get access to them by making use of best data recovery tool. So beware of it, delete your confidential files properly, otherwise who knows what happens, if your confidential files got trap in wrong hands then you have to face severe kind of issues.

In order to remove confidential files permanently from the computer, use free drive wipe software that can securely remove your confidential files from your computer hard drive. All you have to do is, just download the free software from the website, and shred your confidential data permanently.

How the drive wipe software is helpful?

Drive wipe tool is very helpful, it permits you to delete all your confidential files and folders making it not possible to recover using any data recovery software. In just few clicks of the mouse, one can easily remove the entire sensitive data from the hard drive, and can become free from all sorts of security threats.

Prominent features of drive wipe tool are listed below:

  • It’s a free tool to clear all your sensitive data from your computer
  • It will delete the files and folders permanently and eliminates the threat of recovering them
  • It easily Shreds free disk space to avoid recovery of any data from it
  • It has the ability wiping all other secondary storage devices including memory cards, pen drives external hard drives etc
  • This powerful utility is compatible with all new versions of Windows operating system including Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows vista etc
  • It’s a user friendly application that requires no assistance in any respect
  • It makes use of 9 different shredding patterns to remove your confidential data
  • In a very short span of time it completes the shredding process
  • It’s an award winning and best rated drive wipe software

Along with all these, the drive wipe software has lot of benefitting features.

To know more about free drive wipe click on this link: http://www.freedrivewipe.com/windows-7.html

If you want to try out this software then just visit the website, and download the free drive wipe software from there. Install and run the application on your Windows PC, and remove all your confidential data out of your computer hard drive.


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