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Tutorial to Perform Recovery of Files from Western HD

Western, more commonly known as Western Digital is one of the most trusted names in external or portable hard drive (HDD) industry. Hard drives of western digital are made under highly standardized measures ensuring high performance. The speed and storage capacity of modern Western Digital hard drives are remarkable. These are fully compatible with USB 3.0 interface. WD Elements, WD passport are examples of some premium WD products. We should not neglect the fact that like any other portable hard drives, Western Digital hard drives are prone to errors and data lost. Western digital data recovery is not a cumbersome task now. We can easily recover the data using recover WD tool.  Just go for restore western digital passport drive with this tool, the results should amaze you. But before going to recovery we have to check some causes behind data loss and errors which affect western digital hard drive.

Common causes of Western digital Hard drive errors

The issues that I am going to explain may be very familiar to you. For retrieving file from External Western Digital HDD, we have to understand how data loss occurs in such hard drives.

  • We may have to use our hard drive across different systems. Then, the chances of corrupting data becomes high. Such systems may be running under different file systems. It could not able to understand the files system in our HD. Also chances of virus or worm attack is also high if we use HD in different systems.
  • We want to delete some unwanted items from HD. We are selecting some items by dragging. Accidentally some important files are also selected there. We are unaware of this. We may only know this when we need the required file.
  • Bad sectors can be arise in hard drive due to improper device disconnection from the computer or unexpected power surge. In such conditions, drive will be corrupted and data will be completely inaccessible.
  • By mistake, one may cut and paste files from hard drives instead of copying.
  • Accidental format of hard drive is another reason behind data loss.


Steps of using recover WD tool

Recover WD tool is an ideal tool for western digital data recovery that works in both windows and Mac platforms. This tool is compatible with file systems such as NTFS, NTFS5, FAT32, ExFAT etc. Previewing of files that can be recovered during scanning itself is one of the main feature of this software. Data can be recovered back in few minutes using this tool. We can recover data not only from external hard disk but from flash memory cards, USB drives using this tool. There is only a few easy steps that we have to follow in recovering data from corrupted Western Digital on Windows or even on Mac

  • If you are using Windows Operating System download windows version of the software while if you are using Mac OS X, download Mac version.
  • Install the software in your system. It will only take a few steps.
  • For western digital data recovery, select option to recover files
  • Select either recover deleted files or recover lost files option in the next screen
  • A list of logical partitions will be listed on the next screen from that select WD hard disk from partitions
  • Scanning will start now. Time taken for scanning will depend upon data contained in the hard disk
  • We can preview files before recovery process will start
  • After completion of scanning you can just save results or start recovery of files

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