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External disk drive is any type of storage device that can be used as plug and play. Western digital well known for their product line Passport Series is widely used due to the features like inexpensive, reusable, convenient, easy to use and portability. portable external hard disk are the best interface to transfer a file from one system to another that are not connected via LAN and any other back-up needs.

Western digital provides handy features and huge space to store huge amount of documents, photos, audios and videos that can be easily carried to anywhere and can be used by simply connecting to a computer or laptops. Although these plug and play devices are very easy to handle and comes very handy when its about bulk data transfer but unfortunately it also suffer from data loss due to variety of reasons.

The following are the major scenarios for data loss from Western Digital passport:

Virus\Malware attacks: If you have connected your Western digital passport to a virus affected computer or your computer runs malicious software or you downloaded it to your passport, then you’re drive might be subjected to corruption or inaccessibility.

File Transfer Interruption: A common purpose of Western digital passport is file transferring from PC/laptop to other media device and vice-versa. Any type of interruption like improper shutdown, power surge and unplugging removal device while data transfer is under process, causes data loss from external drive.

Formatting External drive: To wipe all the data from the external Western digital passport, format option is provided. So many users format their disk to make it free of junk files or from various corruption issues. Formatting unintentionally or intentionally your hdd without a suitable backup of essential data can result in huge data loss.

Anti-virus software: After inserting your external drive , there will option that ask you to perform “scan” or else provides another option “continue without scan”, by proceeding to scan or automatic scan can cause data loss from your device if there are some suspicious or virus infected files.

Is it possible to get files back from Western digital hard disk?

External drives are quite similar to hard disk which stores data in sector. If a file is deleted or lost in the external device, it will be unchanged until new files are copied to that device. As I experienced this problem, best way is to go for recovery tool that can bring back all the erased or lost data from your removable storage media.

Once you proceed with a proficient Western Digital Recovery tool to restore western digital passport, it becomes too simple to get rid of any unexpected data loss worries. This tool has a lot of features to bring your deleted or lost files from any removable storage disk. It is one of the best software to restore removable disk drives after accidental formatting, virus-attack, file system corruption, file deletion and many other data loss accidents.

Easy to use: Western Digital Recovery is designed with an easy and user-friendly interface that guides users to perform drive recovery process without any hurdle and in very short time.

Perform recovery with all External drives: Western Digital passport recovery works with all the removable devices includes pen drive, camcorder, memory card, cameras, external hard disk and mobile phones in efficient manner

Supports all file system: It support disk recovery operation with different removable storage devices that are formatted with FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, HFS, HFS+ and ExFAT file systems.

Providing File type view: Recovers all kind of data that are deleted, lost and corrupted and make you easily accessible by providing file type view and can be viewed according to the name, size, date and file type extensions that make you easier to find important files.

Performs Read only mode : During scanning process it performs Read only mode action, thus it only reads the data from the external media and does not alter or damage the files.

Advance Algorithm: This tool uses advance scanning algorithm and performs signature search that helps you to recover critical files easily and more efficiently.

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