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Windows Hard Disk Recovery Software

Every desktop or laptop is built for computing all required computation with specified hardware design as input and output devices. These devices are implemented with a program to run all these devices simultaneously known as operating system. In early 70s company named Microsoft has designed an operating system and named it as Windows. There are many version of this OS starting from MS-DOS to Windows 8, which is latest at present. This OS’s use an storage device know as hard disk drive to store all the computed data information in form of files with different file extension like for different category of data. These are categorized into images (GIF, BMP, TIFF, TIF, JPEG, etc), videos (AVI, MP4, WMA, 3GP, MPEG, etc), official documents (PPT, DOC, PPTX, DOCX, XML, etc), email (EML, XEML, etc), songs (MP3, ACC, AMR, WAV, etc), disk images (IMG, RAR, ZIP, MDF, etc) and so on. These files with file format will be your precious for you, and deletion of these data from your system may create a hazardous situations.

In case of these situations you may be worried of solution to recover back all the data lost from hard disk drive. There are many data loss scenario, but some of important are:

Due to human error: while using cut paste option to move the data from any storage card to system drive. You may have used cut option but forget to paste the data onto your system hard drive, this will result in data loss scenario.

Due to improper system shut down: system may get switched off suddenly due to power failure will lead to deletion of MBR (Master Boot Record) files from system which in turn results in inaccessible system hard drive.

Due to virus infection: invasion of harmful viruses, spywares, malware, etc may lead in to corruption of data within the drive and the files related to operating system. We usually use the antivirus tool to keep our system clean from viruses. If any of the system files get corrupt due to these viruses then this antivirus tool will delete that files from the system resulting into system failure.

Is your system is suffering from all these data loss scenarios?

Hey don’t be worried, just relax you are not the only one facing this risky circumstances. Keeping all these circumstances in mind industry experts have come up with a remarkable solution by designing an inimitable tool for hard disk recovery on windows. This tool has many inimitable features, but some of the important features related to these scenarios are:

This hassle free software is capable of recuperating the data lost from Windows system hard disk drive due to all the data loss scenarios faced by all users globally. This inimitable tool is designed with unique technology to scan over all the memory areas of hard disk drive with unique file extensions and recovers back the data with few minutes with an ease. This application has potential to get back all data deleted or lost from any storage memory created with any RAID level ( RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5, etc) and File System like (NTFS, NTFS 5, FAT16, FAT32, etc). This software supports Windows operating system (7, 8, XP, VISTA, SERVER2003, etc) with least system hardware configuration. Implementing this tool you can able to preview of all files recuperated from hard drive. Prior to save recuperated data on any other storage device you need to activate this tool to full version. In case you want to find out more information on photo recover from Windows disk visit: http://www.windowsrecoverydisk.net/find-photos.html

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