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Best Tool to Recover Data from External HDD

External hard disk drives are become more popular due its extensive usage in today’s computer world. People are generally connect external hard drive to computer system with help of USB cable which is used to store data, files, documents, music, videos, etc.  External hard disk becomes undividable part of our life. Although hard disk drive deals with maximum volume for storing data, if you have strong and powerful firewalls, anti –virus application, there is no guarantee for the data which is protected by external hard drive.

If you have genuine backup for the data which is stored in hard drive then you can easily get it back. What if you don’t have backup of files? Then your day is start with nightmare. Don’t be worry for every problem there is solution behind that. However the thing is data is never gets lost permanently unless it it’s overwritten with new data.  Use Recover HDD software which permits to restores lost and also deleted very precious files from corrupted hard disk drive. With this utility you can restore from various brands of hard disk drive like Western Digital HDD, Seagate. Buffalo and Iomega etc.

There are many circumstances which are responsible for data loss from external hard disk drive

  • Unintentional file deletion: Suppose your HDD is full of files and if you want to store new files, you want space so you will try to delete unwanted files from drive but by mistakenly all files are deleted by hitting “Delete All” button. In such cases, you need effective external HDD recovery data recovery software helps a lot to restore it back.
  • Accidental formatting:  Formatting is nothing but erasing old file system with new file system like changing the file system from NTFS to FAT or vice-versa.  Sometimes you’re hard drive fortuitously format while installing or re-installation of operating system at last you are end up with losing huge amount of data.
  • Virus attack: it is one of the commonly occurring factor which affect the files which are stored in HDD. The harmful malware viruses/spy rush into the hard disk once you connect to the virus infected computer and makes files inaccessible.
  • Sudden power failure: Suppose you are connecting external hard drive to system, while transferring some files immediately your system may get shutdown and results in loss of data from external hard disk drive.
  • There are many other factors like file system corruption, software conflicts, improper ejection of HDD, bad sectors on drive, machine failures etc. are some of the most important circumstances leads to loss of data from external hard disk drive.

In order to get rid from this data loss, you need to maintain proper backup of important files so that you can protect your files from above stated reasons. Furthermore maintain updated and robust anti-virus application on your computer so that if you connect your drive no virus should enter.  In order to restore lost data, there is software called external hard drive data recovery helps to restore all files.  This tool retrieves lost data from pen drives, flash drives, USB drives, Fire wire drives and also memory card. Even you can use preview option before restoring files.

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