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Tutorial to Perform Recovery of Files from Western HD

Western, more commonly known as Western Digital is one of the most trusted names in external or portable hard drive (HDD) industry. Hard drives of western digital are made under highly standardized measures ensuring high performance. The speed and storage capacity of modern Western Digital hard drives are remarkable. These are fully compatible with USB Continue Reading

Exclusively Get Back Data from Clicking External Hard Drive!

Is it true that you are experiencing fluffy or disgraceful clicking clamor from external hard drive and no long able to get to any data? More often than not, in such circumstances data stored on external hard drive become incomprehensible or unavailable. Presently, the question is do there is any dependable methodology to get back Continue Reading

Application to Recover Deleted, Lost or Missing Files from External Hard Drive

“I have a 1TB hard drive which is corrupt and not showing up any files that are saved on it. I desperately need the files that are on it as I don’t carry a backup for the files as well. Is it possible to get these lost files back once again?” Definitely possible, but only Continue Reading

Best Tool to Recover Data from External HDD

External hard disk drives are become more popular due its extensive usage in today’s computer world. People are generally connect external hard drive to computer system with help of USB cable which is used to store data, files, documents, music, videos, etc.  External hard disk becomes undividable part of our life. Although hard disk drive Continue Reading