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Easy Way to Understand HFS Disk Rescue after Format

Most of the Mac users get worried about their data after formatting their disk accidentally because in formatting huge amount of data loss can be seen. Sometimes users will take the backup of the data and perform formatting the Mac volume but after format, they come to know that backup copy is not present, then Continue Reading

How to Recover My Passport Hard Drive

Western Digital is one of the leading manufacturers of external hard drive. It is used to store huge amount of data. Usually many people use Western Digital hard drive to maintain backup of all the important folders and files, which they need forever like libraries, music, photo collection, documents and movies etc. Western Digital hard Continue Reading

Tool for Recovering Data from Dead Hard Drives

I my system I was running Windows 7 OS from fast one year. Recently I have installed Windows 8 OS in my system due to its advanced features and enhanced user interface. For past one week, it was running in good condition but today morning I switched on power button to boot up the system Continue Reading

Application to Recover Deleted, Lost or Missing Files from External Hard Drive

“I have a 1TB hard drive which is corrupt and not showing up any files that are saved on it. I desperately need the files that are on it as I don’t carry a backup for the files as well. Is it possible to get these lost files back once again?” Definitely possible, but only Continue Reading

Best Tool to Recover Deleted Data from My Hard Drive

Computer hard drives are playing important role since the computers have invented. Hard drive is nothing but storage space it has capability to store different type of data such as documents, applications, audio file, video file even hard drive is the storage space for operating system. Hard drives mainly is off two types internal hard Continue Reading

An Easiest Way to Recover Data from Hard Drive with Bad Sectors

Hard drive of the system is needed to store huge volume of data and programs. Sector is usually a basic unit of data storage on a hard disk. A sector consists of three parts and they are the data area, the sector header and the Error Correcting Code (ECC). The data used by drive will Continue Reading

Software for WD Data Recovery

Western Digital is today well-known as WD and is the most widely using data storage devices and it is used by both Windows and Mac users. These Western Digital data storage products are available for system internal storage and also USB drives. These storage tools are also advantageous to keep backup of the significant files Continue Reading