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Retrieve Deleted Files from SSD

A Solid-State Drive shortened as SSD is a data storage device which is typically used in a PC. It is generally designed to access the data in the same manner as hard disk drives (HDDs) and yet HDD can directly be replaced with a SSD. When compared to HDDs, SSDs include a much faster read/write Continue Reading

Software to Recover Data from Kingston SSD

I had 80GB Kingston SSD where I stored many important files on it. By mistake I formatted the Kingston SSD as I wanted to use it as a system drive. And now all my important data are missing and even I don’t have any backup of important data. I really need to recover those data Continue Reading

Advanced App to Recover Crash SSD

The abbreviation of SSD is solid state drive i.e. data storage media used to store large quantity of data. It is unique when you compare with other hard drives because of its features like reliable, better speed, robust and use less space to store data. The main advantages of SSD are that fragmentation doesn’t affect Continue Reading