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Western Digital Passport Recovery Software

  External disk drive is any type of storage device that can be used as plug and play. Western digital well known for their product line Passport Series is widely used due to the features like inexpensive, reusable, convenient, easy to use and portability. portable external hard disk are the best interface to transfer a file from one Continue Reading

Deleted File Recovery from Western Digital External Hard Disk

“Hello Everyone!! Last night I deleted important files from Western Digital external hard disk . Later I came to know that I deleted some confidential documents from external hard drive by mistake instead of deleting other unimportant files. I have not maintained any backup of those deleted files. And I need to recover deleted files from Continue Reading

Recover Data from WD My Book Essential

Western Digital is one of the largest and extremely appreciated hard disk producers in the industry, since it gives high performance hard disks named Western Digital HDD. It produces a variety of hard drive models among which My Book Essential series of external hard disks delivers excellent performance. The storage capacity of these external hard Continue Reading

Data Recovery on Western Digital Hard Drive

WD is one of the most renowned hard drive designing and manufacturing company from many years. WD products are praised for their stability, high speed, consistency, high capacity and very good compatibility. On the other hand in spite of its undeniable high quality, loss of files is always unavoidable as it is predictable for many Continue Reading

Recover Western Digital Hard Drive

Western Digital has been a well known hard drive manufacturing company for many years. This WD hard drive is widely praised for its stability, high capacity, consistency, high speed and good compatibility. However, in spite of its undeniable high quality, loss of files is always unavoidable as it is inevitable for many of the other Continue Reading