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Clear Free Hard Disk Space

In this technological era, you get new PC; donate old PCs to some institutions or others. This can be the most extensively acceptable practice but circuitously you will be giving considerably more than the particular computer worth. Many of you’ll not be aware of this indisputable fact that if you are giving old computers to other people, you also giving a way to recipients gain access to your data stored on the computer hard drive.

Why to erase unused space on hard drive?

When you store any business, medical or maybe other information that is personal on the hard drive then the simple deletion or maybe formatting will not be sufficient to defend the security of your private and sensitive data. This is not going to support to prevent unauthorized accessibility when you want to wipe all of the unwanted information from your computer or maybe dispose the hard drive or give away the drive into a people. Deletion or maybe formatting the drive is easily restored since the location is definitely marked as free space, one can use recovery software to get back those crucial files. In this kind of situations, it will be important to realize how to erase unused space on hard drive beyond recovery to defend your privacy.

Now how could you clear free disk space? Is it possible to clear free disk space? Absolutely sure, you can easily perform this operation by making use of this skillful freeware drive wipe application. This drive wipe software is  free application and this can be effectively helpful to clear free hard disk space so that all the particular files are generally destroyed beyond recovery. Additionally, this application also can handle to clear deleted data completely using various shredding patterns leaving absolutely no traces connected of critical data.

Sometimes you may be wondering the reason why this third party software is needed to wipe free space on hard drives where it could be done normally through simple techniques. The reply for this is very simple, almost all of the techniques that are means pertaining to wiping the free space on hard drive are unreliable. Hence you cannot depend with those techniques all the time.

Who can use this drive wipe application?

Drive wipe software can be used to clear the free drive space from your hard drive, external drives or from the memory that are employed in cell phones, cameras, camcorders in order to clear any data that you want to prevent sharing or do not want one to recover once you dispose those electronic gadgets.

More about drive wipe application

This software works to eliminate unused free space on hard drive on all of the versions of Windows OS like Windows2007, 2008, 2010, XP, Vista and others. This automated software is efficient to do complete operation to clear free drive space in few easy clicks without any professional expertise. By utilizing this application, you also can clear free disk space on flash drive within a few moments.

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