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How to Defrag Windows 7 Hard Disk

Fragmented files on the Windows 7 hard drive can slow down your PC. You need to do all the things which keep your PC to run faster and run smoothly. One of the best method to increase the speed of the Windows 7 PC is to defrag hard drive. But the problem is how you can defrag Windows 7 hard drive. Don’t be panic, this article will explains you how to defrag Windows 7 hard disk within a span of few minutes.  

Many of you might be unaware of the fact of fragmenting hard drive. When you are working regularly on your PC hard drive, definitely you will be adding, deleting or editing files on the hard drive. In fact these frequent operations lead to fragmentation of the hard drive. During this process operating system searches for the location on the hard drive saves the information and this process is not performed in a correct way. Because to this, lot of space on the hard drive remains unused after it is fragmented. As a result when you make any request for file, operating system has to search its different sections on different locations and at last ends in increased disk visiting time. Hence it is always recommended to defrag the hard drive very often.

How does this Defragmentation process works?

When you initialize disk defragmentation process with the aid of disk defragmenter, it checks for all the scattered fragments of all the files which are stored on the target partition. It checks for the empty contiguous clusters for each file in the hard drive and then places all the fragments of their respective files on the consequent clusters. After this, the reading speed of the hard drive increases because the read/write head of the hard drive does not have to search for the scattered fragments of the files on the whole drive.

With the help of this disk defrag, you can easily defrag your hard drive on Windows 7 to keep your PC in its original state of performance. In order to provide a better user interface to defrag disk on Windows 7, this tool is provided with two defragmenting process. Quick defragmentation mode, this option helps to select the particular file type which are used more often and generally get fragmented like images, audios and program files and defragment them. Deep defragmentation mode: if you want to defrag a hard drive which is not defragmented for a longer period of time then you can use this option.  This option rearranges the files on the disk except system lock files in a sequential manner on the drive so that the loading time for the single file is reduced. Thus increases the performance of your PC hard drive. Click here- http://www.defragdisk.com/ to get more details on disk defrag.

Advantages of disk defrag

  • Significantly improves the performance of hard disk
  • Increases hard disk life span
  • Your Windows 7 PC starts to load more faster
  • Supports in defragging portable devices such as memory card, pen drive, external hard drive etc


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