Quick recovery tool that will retrieve all the deleted, corrupted and lost files from your system.

It can be the most vital data or the documents, pictures, videos, audio files this software will easily fetch them back in an accurate manner.
Sometimes the Files that are deleted or erased while formatting the disk, can be restored with this “Quick Recovery” tool in an easy manner.

Characteristics of Quick Recovery software:-

Easily helps in recovering all your deleted and damaged files.
“Quick Recovery” tool helps in scanning and locating all your files on your storage device in a reliable manner.
 “Show Deleted” characteristic to know only erased files from the list of restorable files and retrieve them separately
 Restore all the files from various file systems like FAT16, FAT32, and NTFS etc.
Just with few Clicks and your files will be back in your drive:-
First, install “QUICKRECOVERY tool”
And just follow few steps to restore all your files back.
Step 1: First launch this tool and then the main screen with different options appears.
Step 2: Then Click on “Quick Recovery” button and need to just select the required drive to start the scanning process
Step 3: After finishes, a list of all the restored files will be displayed on the screen.
Step 4: The User can view all the files with the “Preview” button
Step 5: Select the files which you need to recover and then press “Next” button.
Step 6: Finally now select on “Proceed” button to store the recovered files to a required location.

Usually, users lose all the important files after formatting the storage disk or damaged files.
What can be the next step taken to thus files? Do you ever wonder about thus files after formatting or damaged files are gone forever?


If you are in such confusion, then your belief is just a thought. Yes, one can easily get back all the lost files with the usage of quick recovery software. The theory behind is when you lose any files the operating system will only delete the file location and makes the storage space available to store new information. But, your lost files will be stored in the same memory space, until the user add new files. If you continue to save new files one after another, then all your lost files will get overwritten which causes permanent loss of files or information.

Therefore, to keep thus files in a restorable state avoid using storage space from which you lost files and move one step ahead to download quick recovery software that can resolve all your queries and helps to recover data quickly without missing anything. This software is globally accepted by customers for its high performance in retrieving all the lost data in a shorter time in an effective way, this quick recovery tool is very much beneficial.

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