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Recover Data from RAW Partition

Worried about the RAW partition recovery? Here’s an exquisite software application available, free to be downloaded throughout the internet which allows RAW partition recovery with ease.

The Recover RAW partition allows the recovery of lost data from RAW partition which has the ability to recover lost data from internal and external hard drives, RAID partitions(RAID0, RAID1 and RAID5),RAW partitions, USB device etc which is compatible to various operating systems like Windows and Mac including the latest versions.

What is RAW file format?
A RAW disk is used to refer to the hard disk access at the RAW or basic or RAW level which is beneath the files system level and uses the partition data at the Master Boot Record. This certainly provides the feature of virtualization software which is the ability to access the hard drive at the RAW or basic level.
A RAW device is the type of logical device which is associated with the character file that allows a storage device to be accessed directly by bypassing the operating system’s cache and buffers. Database management system which use RAW device directly enables them to manage the data being cached rather than referring to the operating system for the same.

How data gets lost or corrupted?
There are various reasons which lead to lost data
• Accidental deletion of partition from Windows disk management utility or third party tools. Unintentional formatting of the drive may also result in lost data on RAW partition.
• Relocating some space among the partitions which may lead to damaged/lost data. There are some errors which are encountered while trying to make multi/dual OS boot installation.
• Sometimes while converting the partition system, some of the files may get deleted. Frequently converting the file format may also result in lost data.
• Virus and malware also pose a constant threat which lead to lost data. Upgrading or downloading from malicious websites which may result in corrupted/lost data.
• Power fluctuations or unexpected interrupted power can also render lost files.
• Ejecting the device prior to the completion of the transfer process can also result in inaccessible files.

About Recover
Recover has the ability to identify more than 300 different popular file formats like Microsoft Office documents, audio, video, images and other files which are identified depending on their unique signatures. Recovers data from formatted RAID partitions (RAID5, RAID1 and RAID 0) and from the various file systems (ExFAT, NTFS, NTFS5, FAT16 and FAT32).
The recovered files are sorted according to their name, size, date modified etc.
The recovered files can be sorted according to their size, name and date. The recovered files can be viewed even prior to the completion of the recovery process using the “Preview” tool and “Find” tool allows to refine the search by specifying the name, date etc.

Why Recover Windows?
• The “Save Recovery Session” allows the user to recover save the progress of the recovery process in order to continue from thereon.
• The “Open recovery Session” allows the user to open the saved recovery process, in order to continue from thereon so that the repeated scanning of the entire drive which is both time-taking and tiresome.
• The “First Try then Buy” vision allows the user to firstly try with the trial version of the recovery software which allows us to view the recovered data but storing them to their desired destination requires the user to upgrade to the Pro Version of the same.
• The Raw partition recovery allows are recovered on the basis of their extensions using “File Type View” and “Data View” option displays recovered files in a hierarchical format.

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