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Software to Rescue Deleted Data from Windows Vista

Windows Vista is one of the parts of the Windows operating system. Microsoft’s main objective with Vista is to improve the state of security on the Windows operating system. It provides two different versions for personal and business users as well as on all combined versions for users who need all available features. It has the ability to work more efficiently on upcoming and modern hardware designs. It has an attractive graphical user interface also known as Windows Aero. Windows Vista is not protected from corruption and hence the deletion of data from Vista happens due to various reasons.

Let us explain one of the common cause for deletion of data from Windows Vista due to Recycle Bin bypass. Recycle Bin becomes full-on Windows Vista with deleted data. In such instances, Windows operating system automatically creates enough space for recently deleted files by removing some of the old deleted files. Due to this old file becomes inaccessible. Then the deleted files will bypass the Recycle Bin on Windows Vista and therefore it is erased automatically. This is going to happen when a particular file exceeds to the certain size. In such cases, you will be thinking of how to recover deleted files vista.

Some of the other reasons for deletion of data from Windows Vista

  • Deletion of data using Shift + Delete key combination: If you delete the files by using Shift + Delete key combination then it bypasses the Recycle Bin. Hence you cannot be able to restore those deleted files using restore option.
  • Deletion of data by third-party application: Sometimes you might have come across the deletion of data due to the action of third-party applications like antivirus. Certain antivirus programs will delete the virus infected files without giving any notification.
  • Unintentionally emptied Recycle Bin: When you click on “Empty Recycle Bin” option accidentally then all the files stored on the Recycle Bin gets permanently deleted in order to reclaim the disk space they were using. Once you emptied Recycle Bin, then there is no particular method like Restore option to get back deleted files that were stored on it before.

Out of all conditions of deletion of data from Windows Vista, it is possible to restore every bit of data by the application of deleted data recovery program. This software can rescue data external drive of different types like USB flash drive, memory card, CF card, SD card, MMC, CD, DVD, etc.

Some of the other features of this recovery software are mentioned below

  • This software gives a built-in “Find Tool” by using that you can arrange a particular file based on its date of creation, name, size and extension.
  • This utility affords a superior scanning algorithm that scans the entire drive of the systems on which Windows Vista is installed and searches for the files that are marked as deleted and locates them to pick up files.
  • It has an ability to restore deleted files, which have been emptied from Recycle Bin, the files which bypass Windows Recycle Bin when they exceed in size as compared to the Recycle Bin.
  • By using this software you can restore deleted files from hard drives, flash memory cards, USB external drives etc.

You can get further detail of this software through the internet and can download the free demo version of this application tool. Through the demo version of this recovery software, you can check its capability toward recovering deleted data.

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