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Specialized Tool for Hard Disk Recovery

Hard disk is the most basic storage unit for any computer. By using hard disk you can save any kind of data such as photo, apps, software programs, audio, video etc. Some most popular hard disk manufacturers are Hitachi, Seagate, Buffalo, etc. Many computer users thinks that once they have saved data on system hard disk then it will not get loss but this is not the fact, like other storage device hard disk is also having few data loss scenarios!

If you’re also facing any kind of data loss scenarios from hard disk then don’t be fright as you can easily get solution for your problem in the form of Hard Disk Recovery software. By utilizing this recovery application you can easily recover lost data from hard disk without any kind of burden.

Let us see some most common data loss scenarios from hard disk

Hard Drive Corruption: Because of some reasons like file system corruption, software malfunction, operating system failure etc. hard disk may get corrupt. Once it has corrupted then, it is not possible to access data which is present on the hard disk. This factor results in large amount of data loss through hard disk.

Bad Sectors: Hard disks may have bad sectors once the amount of bad sectors increases then it’s not possible to read the data from the bad sectors.

Third Party Tool:  It often seen that some system users may use third party tool to partition or repartition the drives. During this kind of partition process, if you have encounter any type of error then their may be chance for hard disk partition corruption.

Dual Booting: If you are going to make your system as multi booting environment then in such case their may be chance of dual drive corruption and corrupted drive which causes data loss from your hard drive.

Features of Hard Disk Recovery Tool

Hard Drive Recovery is powerful and most reliable tool to recover hard disk data from any of the above mentioned scenarios. It can also possible to recover data from other removable storage media like Memory cards, Thumb drives, Flash drives etc. By using this utility it is also possible to recover FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, ExFAT, HFS, and HFSX drive data. The Hard Disk Recovery operation can perform data recovery on Windows and Mac operating. The “Save Recovery Session” helps user to resume the recovery process where it was paused. Taking advantage of “Preview” option it can possible to preview recovered data before you go to purchase the software. Using this recovery tool you can even recover files from formatted or crashed hard drive.

Immediate action to be taken after losing data from HDD

Once you have lost data from hard disk, then it is always good to stop using the HDD before going through recovery process. Because, if lost or deleted data gets overwritten by some new files, then it won’t be possible to restore your lost or deleted from the HDD.

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