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Windows 10 Mobile Review A New Hope

Windows 10 is a solitary platform approach from Microsoft. It’s intended to give reliability and consistency across Windows properties with Xbox, desktop, Surface and Lumia on all running Windows 10 and sharing widespread apps. phpydxh3c

Microsoft’s grand plans are determined but rarely are things so easy on smartphones. It’s still attracting the name Windows Phone 10 or Window 10 Mobile thus that people know what you are talking about. Let’s just go through the review of the people of Windows 10 Mobile.


  • The homepage is still based around Live Tiles, delectably unique when compared to iOS’s fixed home pages
  • Pinning apps, colors, changing background pictures and light/ dark themes are still very much the order of the day on Windows 10
  • The apps menu is more clearly alphabetized with a look for bar at the top of the page for immediate access
  • You have “Color profile” which should be with the Display settings
  • You have “Network services” which should be in the “Network & Wireless” section
  • Due to a lack of platform flexibility which offers standard settings which will apply to all devices in one place.
  • You can change the text size, but it is value fiddling around with these settings.php91u8ew

Start and Personalization:

  • Modern manifestation of Windows is Live Tiles
  • Can be resized, made more/less transparent or placed in folders to stuff a little more in and we still believe it is a superior system for mobile devices.phpf9thq7

Quick Settings and Keyboard:

  • Android Quick Settings pane expanding on the shortcuts which offers in Windows mobile phone 8 with a larger network of options.
  • Quick access to things such as camera, location toggle, flight mode, mobile hotspot and many more.

Outlook, Office, Skype:

  • Outlook Calendar with a liberal revamp and the introduction of a program view for your appointments
  • There are some smart features, for instance moving from a voice call to Skype video callphpgqaksm

Windows Maps:

  • You can search an address or place and then plan a route, driving, walking or on communal transport.
  • Maps give you turn by turn directions and voice guidance


  • Powerful PDF creation and editing tools
  • Integrates with cloud storage services
  • Sleek interface
  • 14-day free trial


  • Most features must be purchased separately
  • Spotty OCR

Bottom Line

  • Some assembly is required but Soda PDF 8 is excellent, full featured PDF software

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